Audit IS - Auditor's electronic files management

Collaborative audit file creation

Valuable assistant to audit teams

AuditIS effectively solves the usual difficulties of processing documents and creating financial audits, especially if multiple participants work together, sometimes simultaneously.

AuditIS supports an auditor not only in his own audit file creation activities. Thanks to templates AuditIS helps to control the process of recording individual entries, provides online and out-of-office data synchronization and automates the creation of final printable document with auditor's conclusions.

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The main feaures of AuditIS include:

  • creation of an electronic audit file from pre-built templates, including standardized attachment templates,
  • process control of individual audit questions distinguishing several phases,
  • coverage of complete audit life cycle from its initial creation, through completion, revision, to completion or revision,
  • tracking of processing history, showing the time of last changes and users who made them,
  • ability to add additional notes and attachments, even in bulk,
  • simple publication of the entire file in printable PDF format,
  • easy takeover of responses from previously processed audits,
  • context menus for key operations, depending on the managed node and audit processing status,
  • audits export and import,
  • secured data with easy server and workstation backup options,
  • comprehensive management of companies, contacts, templates, audits and access rights.

Powerful collaboration tool

AuditIS team collaboration functionality is exceptionally effective for off-line work and data synchronization including smart conflict resolution in data differences. Thanks to the sophisticated change management functionality, several auditors can work together simultaneously, each of them on a different part of the audit file!

Regardless of whether a user works connected to the AuditIS server or out of the office, AuditIS ensures completely consistent and safe synchronization of individual parts of the audit without risk of data loss. AuditIS manages to resolve data conflicts of different parts of an audit file and combine them into a new version! All of this is done either automatically or manually in detail on a case-by-case basis depending on the editor's choices

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Reliable information for everyone

In the field of teamwork, synchronization and data consistency AuditIS offers:

  • online work connected to the server (in the office) as well as offline with secure data management,
  • consistency of data stored on the server having always latest versions of all audit's parts,
  • option to select audits or entire companies or even years to be synchronized with the server,
  • automated or manual selection of most more recent data and changes to by synced,
  • possibility of examining differences in details of audit's questions to pick-up latest values.

Complex creation and management of audit file templates

When managing audit templates, AuditIS offers following features:

  • template creation for different years and audit types,
  • easy duplication of whole audit years or their templates,
  • simple manipulation of the audit tree structure in graphical form,
  • option to relocate individual questions or entire groups of questions within the audit file,
  • adding sample attachments to an audit question, even in bulk
  • ability to rename individual nodes and template sheets as well as the entire audit file,
  • export and import templates
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