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    Open Data Portal

    Complient publishing of open data

    Simplyfies and automates selection, preparation and publishing of data sets to the National Open Data Catalogue in compliance with legislation. For data preparation, it allows customers to define various data sources, select from them according to rules, edit data incl. anonymization and define metadata and different output formats for the publication. Automatically prepares and publishes datasets repeatedly at given intervals according to plans with always up-to-date data.

  • SBPM

    Sperling Business Process Management

    Process modeling, management and control

    We automate repetitive procedures using electronic process management tools - BPMS (Business Process Management System). This significantly reduces the time to fulfil key business tasks and activities as well as the number of errors, gaining more time for better quality work. That all while providing a manager's overview option at any time. We will analyse your key bussiness processes and model new ones, or adjust already existing processes to make them more efficient. We create easy-to-understand process diagrams using process modelling tools based on BPMN industry standards.

    We are a recognised partner of Microsoft - see AppSource or Azure Marketplace

  • Redmine

    Redmine - Task and Project Management

    Flexible open-source issue management

    We implement and customize Redmine: a proven open-source solution for electronic task & project management. Project related, operational, business or support issues are easily managed with Redmine. Redmine lets managers, task creators, solvers and watchers effectively manage tasks, keep track of their progress, update them in discussions, get notified with updates, report time tracks and perform lots of other very practical operations.

  • CPNet

    Travel & expense report management (CPnet)

    Entering, approving and managing travel reports and associated expenses

    CPnet is a web-based application for a comprehensive, streamlined and user-friendly solution for the management of travel reports and associated expenses. The application covers a whole range of data processing including: collection of information about planned trips, computing of travel expense reports, entering and editing travel details including attached documents, verification of data in associated attendance system, export of travel reports to an economic information system and its approval and many more.

  • Auditis

    Audit IS - Auditor's electronic files management

    Collaborative audit file creation

    AuditIS is an application for creation, administration and revision of electronic files of financial audits. The application controls the entire audit life cycle from its creation from a template, through controlled modifications to completion, or additional revision. AuditIS gives the possibility to work in a team environment with appropriate access control and off-line mode. Data created in off-line mode are then synchronised to the server, while differences of particular contributions from different auditors are resolved.

  • Mobile

    Web, desktop and mobile apps

    Development of custom applications

    We develop custom applications for web and desktop clients as well as mobile devices. We combine modern and flexible features with efficiency to benefit in business applications. We also ensure necessary graphic designs, development of back-end (server) components, community functions, offline operation and publication at mobile applications markets.

  • Auditis


    Digitisation of healthcare

    Healthcare digitization system, that provides standardization and automation of key medical processes. The flagship modules are iPharm for clinical pharmacy and iTransport for hospital transport management.

Professional services

Professional consultancy and advisory services in the field of information technology

analysis and design

Thorough analysis and solution design are often the keys to a successful implementation of software systems. This of course includes precise tender documentation for public procurements.

Contractual support

Quality contractual documentation, not just from the legal point of view, but also in the subject of particular IT supplies and services. And the manner of their implementation. That is the foundation of good relations.

Project Management

Once you know, what you expect from a new IS or application, as well as when and why, it's often hard to find the right way to how to manage such a project. We will be happy to help you.

Technical Supervision

When building a house, you will certainly appreciate someone supervising the contractor. IT projects are quite similar, but often a little bit more complex. Feel free to entrust this matter to us.

Audits and assessments

Do you want to be sure that you got what you ordered? Or do you want to take control of the management of your system? A good start is to verify supplies, results or project status.

Customer success

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